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We have divided our courses into three different levels, basic, intermediate, and advanced depending on students’ current English ability. Besides that, we give special attention to the needs of individuals through group discussion, public speaking, role plays, and many more.

Our trainers are highly qualified and well-experienced professionals. At Dynamic, we provide a very good milieu. Time-to-time, we have foreign teachers visit us to improve our listening abilities and learn pronunciation.

Basic English:

At this level, we generally enroll those students who can understand English but are unable to speak at all. We focus on making these students speak daily life short sentences along with basic grammar and day-to-day vocabulary.

Our target for these students are, to make them speak for their daily needs without the help of their mother tongue. We also help them read, listen and understand the language of daily needs.

Intermediate English:

The students of this level are expected to speak and understand English and they can survive without the help of their mother tongue. These students generally are capable enough to communicate. However, grammatical errors creep in while talking. Normally they understand what’s right and what’s wrong but, they are not able to speak their mind exactly.

At this level, we give more focus on the correctness of the sentences they speak, and with the help of public speaking, grammar classes, and role plays they improve their fluency, correct their sentences, and speak confidently as per the target of this level.

Advanced English:

In this level, students are generally equipped enough to talk in English confidently, and correctly but not fluently. Here we provide a platform to learn complex and compound sentences, practice error-free public speaking and debate, or discuss on current situation of the country and the world. At this level, they receive training for hosting a TV talk show, compering events, holding meetings as a manager/CEO, and delivering PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Here our target is to make the students speak flawlessly and provide a platform to practice the language, let them speak, only focusing on the content without thinking about the language-related mistakes.

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